About FR Layers

The RockFace Flame Resistant line contains some of the most reliable FR base layers on the market. FR clothing works as safety insurance to protect the human skin in the event of a fire, shock, or explosion. In many fire-related accidents, second and third-degree burns are a result of the ignition of non-fire resistant clothing that is highly flammable and difficult to extinguish. FR garments are uniquely designed to resist ignition, even during a hazardous fire situation. Tested and certified for military training and combat missions, our FR garments are also lightweight and comfortable, with strong, lasting durability.

Each of our FR garments are expertly designed using innovative technology to endure brutal conditions. Every product is field tested and certified to ensure it exceeds safety standards.  Our flame resistance is inherent, meaning it will never wash or wear out of your garment.

Above all else, our goal is to protect our soldiers while they protect our nation. We continue to innovate, create, and operate in our industry so that every soldier we supply receives the maximum protection and quality from their FR Layers.