Rock Face is defined by its state-of-the-art textile technologies and product characteristics. With a focused attention to detail and service, we design and manufacture garments for Flame Resistant, Cold Weather, and Performance applications that continue to exceed expectations.

Utilizing base layer technology, climaGuard™ creates and protects the ideal human microclimate. climaGuard’s™ blend of hydrophobic (water-repelling) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) fibers creates a garment that wicks moisture away from the skin, breathes rapidly, and dries fast, giving you the ultimate performance base layer.

The human microclimate is the air layer closest to your skin whenever clothing is worn. The temperature of this air layer is a prime determinant of your internal temperature. A light shirt chills you by breathing in surrounding air, while a jacket warms you by trapping air and warming it with your body heat. Because your clothing regulates this heat exchange, it is the single most important factor in your thermal comfort. 

climaGuard’s™ inherent moisture-managing properties create clothing that is unparalleled in regulating this heat exchange. Sweat is important for balancing your microclimate but can leave you cold once activity ceases. climaGuard™ pulls the sweat away from your body and allows moisture vapor to escape, drying your garment rapidly.

Because climaGuard™ fibers are not altered chemically, their microclimate-regulating properties are permanent, meaning it will never wash out of your base layer. climaGuard™ also uses SILVERPLUS® an antimicrobial technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Moisture Wicking

climaGuard’s™ unique blend of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers allows our garments to transport moisture rapidly away from its source.


Our lightweight fabric constructions create garments that breathe easily, resulting in a more comfortable garment.

Quick Dry

The combination of Moisture Wicking and Breathability in climaGuard™ creates a garment that dries rapidly when you need it to, eliminating moisture and discomfort in critical situations.

Odor Control

SILVERPLUS®, inherent in all climaGuard™ products, is an antimicrobial technology that rapidly eliminates odor-causing bacteria.